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Two Rookies May Miss Start Of Camp
July 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Two of the 49ers rookies may miss the start of training camp. Top picks, Mike Rumph and Saleem Rasheed may not have their deals signed before the start of training camp. While team expects to have the eight other picks ready to go, having five of them already fully agreed to terms already, it may take a little more time to sign Rumph and Rasheed.

Aside from the expansion Houston Texans, no other team in the NFL begins training camp before the 49ers. That is one of the main reasons that the teamís top two picks may have to miss a few days.

Typically NFL agents like to see how much draft picks above and below their clients are getting paid before finalizing a deal for their clients. Given that teams generally sign their top picks last, it only makes sense that the signings of Rumph and Rasheed will be delayed a bit.

Still the 49ers and the players both believe it is in the best interest of each other to be in camp as soon as possible, and thus, an agreement should be reached shortly. The 49ers will depend on Rumph as their nickel cornerback, and Rasheed is expected to be a big contributor on special teams and in the linebacker rotation.

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