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Two More Positives?
October 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As practice came to a close on Friday, and the 49ers prepared for their evening flight across the country the 49ers were pleased that John Engelberger was able to practice despite his high ankle sprain. Engelberger suffered the injury in the 49ers Monday night victory.

As a result of Engelbergerís progress the team was able to move him up the injury report, from doubtful to questionable. The new status means that Engelberger has a 50% shot of playing Sunday, and will be a game time decision.

The team was also pleased that it was able to sneak Jamal Robertson onto its practice squad this off season. Robertson, this yearís NFL Europe MVP, is expected to take Terry Jacksonís spot on special teams.

Robertson has been waiting for an opportunity to strut his stuff in the NFL, and this Sunday may finally give him that opportunity. The speedy running back showed glimpses of talent in the pre-season, and has now had several weeks to rest his legs after a long NFL Europe and NFL off-season. The team feels confident that Robertson can be a difference maker on this team, despite being buried so far on the depth charts.

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