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Two Injured In Mini-Camp
May 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers were not as lucky in this mini-camp as they were in the previous one. Unfortunately the injury list has grown this time around. While neither injury is heart stopping, it does remind us all how crucial it is to keep the team healthy. Seventh round pick Teedy Gaines and undrafted free agent Donnie OíNeal will both miss some off-season practice time to rehab their injuries.

Gaines was injured playing cornerback when he pulled his quadriceps. He could be back for the teamís next mini-camp, while the injury to OíNeal will likely last a little long. The promising receiver broke his left foot in practice. Itís quite unfortunate, but for OíNeal the injury may postpone the teamís interest in him. The 49ers are already loaded at the receiver position - and while OíNeal was a very encouraging sign, it seems unlikely that heíll be able to catch up with other players in his position - like Nate Jackson, after missing about six weeks.

An injury to young players in practice is a popular occurrence. Particularly with muscle pulls and strains. Not only have the youngster not learned to fully protect their bodies, but there is greater impact and stress on the body at the pro-level. In addition some of the younger players do not understand the full importance of warming up. Any or all of these reasons could have contributed to the unfortunate injuries to these players.

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