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One Opponent, Two Games
November 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers faced just one opponent this past weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs, but anyone watching the game, would have seen two distinctly different halves of football being played. It appeared as if there were two different games of football being played.

In the first half of football, 27 points were scored between the two teams. In the second half there were just 3 points scored. This despite to teams facing off with offenses that rank in the top five of the NFL, and struggling defenses.

The simple matter of points being scored in the first half of football and not in the second is evidence of a change in the game. Suddenly it was the defenses shining and the offenses struggling, a complete reversal of the first half of football. The differences were quite evident. No longer were receivers running free in the 49ers defensive backfield, and no longer did the 49ers offense mount long scoring drives.

Itís very rare in football to see such a turn around during half time, where suddenly both teams find the answers to stopping each others offenses, or vice versa. It made for an interesting game that came right down to the wire. Hopefully the 49ers will be able to maintain their defensive strong hold, and pick the offense back up to where they were before this game.

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