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Two Awards, Two Players, One Position
June 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As Garrison Hearst was awarded a comeback player of the year award, another 49ers running back was being honored too. Jamal Robertson, the 49ers running back in NFL Europe received the NFLE MVP award. Robertson wil return to the 49ers after the World Bowl to try and claim a roster spot.

Allocated to the Rhein Fire, Robertson took every possible opportunity - and if youíll pardon the pun, ran away with them. The running back rushed for 792 yards to date, with eight touchdowns. He even slashed and dashed 90-yards for one of them. That run was the longest in the leagues history. (Remember when Hearst did that in overtime against the Jets?)

While Robertson will do everything he can to make the 49ers roster, he will have an incredibly tough time. Itís one position where the 49ers are very deep, but if Robertson can return kickoffs, the 49ers may have to find away to keep him. The shifty running back received one sign of encouragement when undrafted free agent Ken Simonton was released earlier this week. Simonton was believed to be Robertsonís greatest competitor.

Along with the award, Robertson was also named to the ĎAll NFL Europe Teamí. There he was one of two 49ers selected. The other being defensive end Jerome Davis.

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