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Turnovers Not Likely
September 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When the 49ers and Broncos face off this Sunday, it will be the meeting of two teams that lead the league in fewest turnovers since 1997. Both teams do an incredible job of protecting the ball, and that can be attributed in large part to the West Coast Style Offense that both teams run.

Since 1997, the 49ers have only given up the ball 120 times, and the Broncos 121 times. To put that in perspective Tennessee ranks third with 128 turnovers, and the Giants fourth with 131.

Along the same lines, Steve Mariucci leads the league in fewest turnovers per game as a head coach, since 1970. Mariucci’s teams have only committed 1.48 turnovers per regular season game.

Mariucci’s success at maintaining control of the ball, is closely related to the 49ers ability to win. The 49ers were 8-2 last season when winning the turnover battle. The team was a perfect 4-0 when they did not turn the ball over at all.

Clearly not turning the ball over is an important factor to being a winning team in the NFL. The 49ers and Broncos are two of the leagues best when it comes to not beating themselves with turnovers.

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