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49ers Tryouts
September 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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It was mini-camp all over again for the 49ers. The team on Tuesday brought in a bunch of different players for tryouts. The 49ers are clearly not satisfied with the bottom end of their depth charts. None of the players have been signed as of yet.

The group included punt returner Glyn Milburn. The 49ers saw their kick return game fumble away against the Broncos, and they’d like to stop the from becoming a re-occurring theme this year.

Veteran defensive tackle Joe Salave was also in attendance. Salave has been with the titans since being drafted in the fourth round in 1998. Since then he has one start, but participated in 49 games, recorded 85 tackles and five sacks. The 49ers currently only have three legitimate tackles on their roster.

The team tried out two punters too in John Baker and, Dirk Johnson. Neither will likely take Jason Baker’s spot, but its good to see the 49ers are keeping the pressure to perform on. Baker has played for the Colts and Rams, while Johnson has spent time with the Seahawks, Jets, Chargers and Saints.

Also in attendance for workouts were G Joey Hollnebeck, T Dave Volk and S Joseph Walker.

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