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October 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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With so many tryouts at 49ers headquarters on Tuesday, it was hard to believe that we were not in the off-season. Four players visited the facility to try and make the 49ers team. Most notably safety George Coghill who spent five seasons with the Broncos, and the past two with the Saints. Coghill has started five games, but is a solid special teams contributor.

Additionally the 49ers had defensive tackle Mao Tosi, defensive ends Brian Johnson and Ron Warner in for a tryout. None of whom have had significant experience in the NFL, but all of whom have been journeymen players.

In all likelihood the 49ers wonít alter their roster. They are simply missing players at too many different positions to do that. The team is sorely in need of certain players, like a safety, but itís hard to believe a guy like Coghill could step in and do a better job than Rashad Holman would moving from corner to safety.

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