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49ers Not Planning On Diving Deep In To June 1st Free Agents
June 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are generally happy with the players they have on their roster, and are thus taking a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude towards this free agency period. Terry Donahue has stated that the team has been in contact with a few new free agents, but likely will focus on players that the team was considering before the June 1st cut. Of course, these players include Blake Brockermeyer, Willie Jackson and Jim Flanigan.

Donahue has also expressed that the 49ers don’t have any offers on the table to any of these players, but have spoken ball park figures with these three players’ agents. The 49ers will not aggressively pursue any of these players, giving them time to shop around and come back to the 49ers if they can’t find what they are looking for. The team likely expects its ‘mystique’ to play a bit of a role in landing any of these free agents.

Donahue has taken such an attitude towards this free agent period because he generally likes where the 49ers stand now in terms of talent on the field, and money under the salary cap. He established a strict structure to follow to prevent falling victim to the salary cap once again and plans to stick to it.

The three players mentioned are all in areas the 49ers have the most interest in, and all have said that the 49ers are an organization they would like to play for. Meanwhile the 49ers contest that these players are indeed those which it would like on its roster, but it will have to be at the right price. It appears Donahue would have no hesitations to enter the season with extra room under the salary cap - possibly to sign a player down the stretch.

Meanwhile an opportunity could still present its self with other free agents - though at this point that doesn’t seem very likely. The team will also begin hammering out deals for its draft picks and for players who have not agreed to tendered offers yet, like Terry Jackson. These steps are more of a priority to Donahue, who has done an incredible job so far this off-season.

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