Training Camp- 06/26/99
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The season is fast approaching, and like every year, the 49ers are beginning training camp. This year things will be quite different then last. For starters going into last seasons training camp there was more front office controversy then could me measure by any human life form. The defence was paid little attention because of it's great ranking from the season before, and coaches were being swapped left and right. This season the 49ers front office is set in stone, with the exception of Mr. Eddie Debartlo of course, and all the coaches no their role. As for the defence, expect a ton of work here. New 49ers defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. will be responsible for making the defence click.

Some of the tactics Mora intends to teach the 49ers a few new tricks. He plans to have a more aggressive style and also wants his defence to shift in and out of zone coverage more easily. The sounds of this are very encouraging. The 9ers defence may return to championship form, something we will need if we intend to go anywhere in the playoffs or the regular season this year. He has some new personnel to work with, and things around headquarters look very encouraging for the defence.

On offence the 49ers managed to do what very few people thought possible, keep there trio of wide outs together. Rice, Owens and Stokes are an extremely dominant force, and may be even more so if Hearst is out for the first few weeks of the season. Steve Young had an incredible season last year, and there is no reason why he can't have another. The offensive line is in ok shape, the only real question is right tackle, where Jeremy Newberry and Chris Ruhman, both second year players, are in heavy competition for the spot.

On special teams the 49ers have lost some talent over the off-season, but by now, they are used to that. The biggest competition hear will be for punter. Currently, Shane Edge has the lead for this spot. Wade Richey, who had a strong season last year, hitting some clutch field goals will be back for this year too.

The 49ers are getting set for what should be an incredible season, they have some tougher opponents this year even within the NFC West. They will have to be tough early facing teams like Jacksonville and Minnesota. The season is almost here and the 49ers are preparing for the uphill run to the Super Bowl.

I will not be writing another article before my vacation. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and visits to my site. The site will resume it's regular best coverage of the 49ers starting around August 20th. In the mean time there is tons here to keep you happy. Stop by the forum and have your say, or try and schedule some chats in the chat room. Upon the begining of the regular season, remember that I do offer the earliest preview and outcomes of any 49ers site on the net, so don't forget to stop by. Thanks for your continued support.
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