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Getting Much Needed Rest
August 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are currently in the midst of moving back to the teamís headquarters in Santa Clara. After a grueling summer training camp, the 49ers players received two days of rest, and will resume practice today. Meanwhile the coaches have been hard at work insuring that the headquarters is ready to go when the team arrives today.

People donít realize how much preparation is involved in just setting up the field equipment, locker rooms, video review rooms and coaching offices. It all takes time, and if the front office doesnít take the time to do it, nothing will run smoothly in practice. And so while the players rested their muscles, the rest of the staff was still hard at work.

The physical rest for the players is key to letting muscles re-build themselves and their bodies repair themselves. Without this rest time, players are more susceptible to getting injured and thatís the last thing any team wants.

When the team does resume its practice sessions today, Mariucci will expect them to be well focused and have plenty of energy. The team still has three pre-season games ahead of them, and they play them in a grueling ten day schedule. Players and coaches for that matter will need all the energy they can get.

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