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Morning Meeting, Then Go Home
August 16 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Thursday the 49ers held a meeting in Stockton before Mariucci and his coaching staff dismissed the team from training camp. Fifteen days in Stockton, and the 49ers were lucky enough to experience a cool front that kept temperatures from being absolutely sweltering. The coaching and training staff used the remainder of Thursday and all of today to transport all of their materials and equipment back to Santa Clara.

The players will receive a much needed rest as the coaching staff gets ready to continue practices at the 49ers headquarters. The practices however will be reduced to one a day, instead of the two the team submits its players to while at camp.

The team has a very tough schedule ahead, playing three games in ten days. They travel to Denver on Monday, Oakland five days later and San Diego four days after that. The amount of traveling will make sticking to a regular practice schedule quite difficult.

Iíve state repeatedly this off-season that the NFL should address its pre-season scheduling format this year. It is scheduling blunders like this that make me feel this way.

Further - contrary to earlier reports, safety Kevin Curtis was not put on the injured reserve. Rather the team will wait until August 27th to do so. Placing him on the list at this point would involve exposing him to every other team on the waiver wire, where as after the 27th the team will not have to waive him first.

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