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What Happened On Day 15
August 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers finished up training camp with a high spirited, enthusiastic and focused practice. The team will break camp tomorrow, checking out of camp, and will have Friday off before returning to practice on Saturday and Sunday before departing Sunday evening for their Monday game against the Broncos.

A family fan himself, Steve Mariucci once again encouraged his players to invite family to camp, and many players did in fact oblige.

Setzer Moore, Elam, Blades still did not participate in practice. Offensive lineman Ron Stone was no where in sight. Meanwhile center Jeremy Newberry worked out in pads but didnít practice in the full contact drills. Matt Willig and Paul Smith were also back at practice.

Gil Byrd was extremely involved in coaching today. Byrd came on staff for training camp, but the 49ers may just like him enough to keep him on as an every day coach. He seems to compliment Brett Maxie quite well, and has done a good job this summer, I for one would like to see him stay on.

Jose Cortez had a great day in camp, and continues to look more impressive than Jeff Chandler. The 49ers will likely try and get them both some action in this weeks game to help them make some decisions.

Chad Cota was in on practice. Despite some people questioning his speed, Cota looks fast, and in drills showed some good hands. Known as a big hitter, he will be a welcome addition to the 49ers secondary.

The team focused lots on the two minute and no huddle offense. As well as lots of running plays. The team also went over part of its game plan for Monday, which is expected to extremely vanilla. The 49ers face Denver again in Week 2.

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