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What Happened On Day 14
August 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Yesterday was the first time that Steve Mariucci was happy with the complete performance of the 49ers in training camp, since their return from Osaka. To date, Mariucci has been happy with the team’s technique or their attitude, or their energy, but on Tuesday, it was all there. With John Madden chatting up Bill Walsh on the sidelines, Mariucci had nothing but praise for the team.

The intensity and overall technique was certainly impressive, as coaches urged the players on. Reggie McGrew had one of his best practices, he was busting through the line on the pass rush, a rare sight for the defensive tackle that is known for his run blocking, if anything.

Center Ben Lynch twisted his knee in the morning, the injury is not expected to be serious but Lynch was held out in the afternoon, and may miss some more practice time. Lynch is expected to start this Monday against the Broncos.

Center Jeremy Newberry continued to practice with the team in the non-padded drills. Newberry is not expected to play on Monday, but is almost ready to return to contract drills.

Paul Smith missed Tuesday’s practice. He was spotted wearing a back brace. The extent of his injury has not yet been publicized.

Also rehabbing is Josh Shaw who is beginning to look better. He no longer favors his knee and has added working out with a tackling dummy to his rehab program.

That’s about it for the injury news. The team continues to be impressed by the play of Cedrick Wilson, and Jimmy Williams. Jose Cortez looked better in the kicking competition too.

Chat Cota, who was in for a workout, did a good job. The 49ers were pleased with Cota, and will likely make up their minds about him soon.

Both Terrell Owens and Garrison Hearst were back in practice, and typically both were focused and looked good. Steve Mariucci chooses to rest players as a precaution and it seems that his plans have been working quite well with the team.

At the end of practice Ronnie heard and Nate Jackson got into a small skirmish at the end of practice.

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