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What Happened On Day 13
August 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers were still a little stiff in practice on Monday from the weekendís game, but they looked remarkably better than they did after returning from Osaka. Terrell Owens was held out of practice with a tight groin, but the injury is apparently not serious. Garrison Hearst was limited in action, and as always, was disappointed that he was asked to not fully participate.

The best news of the day had to be the return or Jeremy Newberry to the teamís 7-on-7 drills. Newberry still did not practice in the full scrimmage, but his return to the offensive line is a very welcome site. I donít think anyone is more happy to have the big body back up front than Jeff Garcia.

Terry Jackson had one of his best days this summer. He looked effective cutting to the outside on runs and made a few nice catches - particularly in one drill where the running backs were working on getting past the first line of defense and catching a quick pass. If Fred Beasley doesnít start catching the ball soon, I worry that he will either struggle during the season, on the key West Coast Offense dump passes to the fullback, or may see an even greater reduction in his play time. The backs also worked on delay runs.

Brandon Doman began practice by himself early, and was one of the last to leave the field. He continues to look good when pressure is not brought directly at him.

JJ Stokes made a number of nice receptions in practice today. Stokes is becoming a very nice compliment to Owens, but again, we say that every year. Eric Johnson continues to impress especially in the passing game, and with Garcia at quarterback.

Defensively, Sean Moran was on fire from the defensive end position. He was applying some great outside pressure. Andre Cater continues to look good, but rarely works an inside move into his pass rush; whether that is by design or by choice Iím still not sure. Chike Okeafor lost his contact lens in practice.

Jason Webster is doing a great job on breaking up passes. Perhaps the addition of Gill Byrd has really helped him develop this skill. Also helping out the defensive backs was former 49ers Eric Wright.

The defense also spent some time on tackling drills. It was believed to be the first tackling drills the 49ers have run in practice.

The 49ers are still not set at kick returner, but Jamal Robertson has looked pretty good.

Some players who really havenít been impressive this summer are: Ben Steele who is simply not giving Just Smith or Mark Anelli any real pressure at the tight end position. Jason Isom hasnít done much at fullback, and there is likely too much depth in front of him to make the roster. Tai Streets has had some good days, and not so good days, but he no longer looks hungry to make plays. Teddy Gaines will have trouble making the roster because of the depth in front of him. The team is also clearly not sold on their backup quarterback situation.

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