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What Happened On Day 12
August 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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An an usually quiet day of training camp, things seemed to be going - dare I say it - as planned. The team was quite focused and not lacking in energy. A nice surprise was that the entire first string defense was healthy enough to practice - including Jason Webster and Jeff Ulbrich who there had been some questions about. Both are expected to participate in Satruday’s game against the Chiefs.

Speaking of Webster, he’s looking very good in his return. He is giving the receivers quite the battle, and rarely giving Jeff Garcia room to get the ball to them. And Jeff Garcia has looked much more focuses since his somewhat discouraging opening in Osaka. Hopefully, we will be able to chock the incomplete passes up to ‘first game jitters’.

JJ Stokes is looking good in training camp. And he could be getting ready for a break out season… so what else is new right? I mean we’ve been saying that for quite some time now, and even I, a big JJ fan am getting a little skeptical.

Also on offense, Jamal Robertson is still looking good at running back. The 49ers will have a tough choice to make between he and McCullough, and both showed well in their first pre-season game. Robertson looks a little better in practice though. Tom Rathman is also very happy with the advances Paul Smith is making at fullback. Rathman can’t wait to see Smith on the field more this season - and that could mean a little bit of trouble for Terry Jackson, who might be relegated strictly to ‘third down back’ duties. (Anyone remember when the 49ers were depending on Derek Loville and Adam Walker?)

On the defensive line Sean Moran is getting a very long look at defensive end, and John Engelberger isn’t seeing as much time in practice. The 49ers have either made a change here, or are just trying to get Moran some extra time because he’s new to the team… I’m betting on the latter.

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