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What Happened On Day 11
August 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Day eleven of training camp was a further step in the right direction. The team is finally looking composed and energetic after its trip to Osaka, Japan. On Thursday, actor Danny Glover was in camp, he huddled up with the team before Mariucci dismissed them from practice, but was really just there to take it all in.

The team spent most of Thursday running through their scripted plays for this weekend game against the Chiefs. The 49ers want to be certain that the plays they script are run to the best of the team’s ability, because in pre-season they are used for the specific purpose of evaluating players. The 49ers must trip their roster by 15 players before August 27th.

Ben Lynch was in practice and looked very good. He’s been keeping in shape and spent some time training with Dave Fiore this off-season. Lynch is very well versed in the 49ers system and was able to step right into the starting team. His presence helped across the line which looked improved across the board.

In related news, Terry Donahue believes that Jeremy Newberry will be ready to return in ten days, and that Ron Stone has progressed at great speed, and could be ready in fourteen days.

Not participating in Thursday’s practice was Cedrick Wilson who was held out due to tightness in his hamstring, Al Blades, and Brandon Moore. Garrison Hearst was given the day off, and Jason Webster participated in just one practice. Ran some plays with Hearst and Jackson wide outs Barlow backfield

The team also practices a few plays that had Garrison Hearst at wide receiver, with Kevan Barlow in the backfield. Clearly some of the more complex plays in the playbook, the 49ers are coming close to finishing their offensive play installation. These plays are also designed to get both Hearst and Barlow on the field at the same time.

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