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What Happened On Day 10
August 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Players were full of energy on Wednesday at training camp, but were not as composed as the coaching staff may have liked. Derrick Deese, Kevan Barlow, Jeff Ulrbich and Chike Okeafor were all involved in little skirmished that probably were the result of Deese’s trash talking. But the team had energy throughout practice too, it was just some of their mechanics still needed fine tuning.

Missing practice was Bobby Setzer, Josh Shaw, Donnie O’Neal, Brandon Moore and Ben Fricke (who was later released as the 49ers re-signed Ben Lynch). The team also is trying Jason Webster on ‘one-a-day’ sessions. Jeremy Newberrry missed practice too, but he looked very strong in drills to help his recovery process. Ron Stone was in a similar situation.

John Keith finally re-joined the team in practice. On Tuesday Keith had taken part in a special teams drill (an area he formerly excelled at), but yesterday Keith got his first full practice in with the team. He made some mistakes but keeps getting bouncing back, typically, he’s still a little tentative.

Jamie Winborn had an impressive day. He was all over the field using his speed to make plays. The 49ers will really have to consider getting him onto the field more often this season. Fellow linebacker Julian Peterson also looked good. Peterson has been doing double duty in camp, working with both the linebackers and the defensive line.

There was little doing on offense, as JJ Stokes dropped a few passes, and the offensive line continued to have a hard time dealing with the juggling act. The addition of Lynch should be a huge help to the ailing line.

The team spent most of the day working on situational drills and spent some time on special teams play, trying to down the ball near the goal line. A particularly interesting drill involved the linebackers trying to blitz passed the running backs and tight ends to get to the quarterback. The backs, and Eric Johnson seemed to hold their positions quite well.

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