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What Happened In Camp Day 9
August 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers returned to training camp on Tuesday and they were tired. Jet lagged from the trip back from Osaka. No matter how hard the team tried they missed blocks, dropped passes, and generally looked like they needed to rest up. The coaching staff quite understood, and toned down the intensity of practice slightly - even participating in some of the calisthenics.

The offensive line was the most interesting part of day nine. To my surprise the team kept Fiore at center, rather than using Ben Fricke at the position. The team also gave Eric Heitmann, Dave Costa and Kyle Kosier lots of snaps on the offensive line. They are looking for some versatility, and Heitmann may be the from runner here.

Jerome Davis looked pretty good in practice. After a rather successful pre-season outing, Davis continues to do everything he can to make this team.

Derek Smith and Jeff Ulbrich were both in pads for practice. But Josh Shaw, Bobby Setzeer, Bradon Moore continued to work back from their injuries, not participating in practice.

Jeremy Newberry and Ron Stone both participated in drills, but did not practice with the team. Both players were sporting small braces to provide support to their injured areas, but both looked like they could play if they had to.

Nate Jackson was back catching passes with a shoulder harness. He is clearly still in pain, and could be a candidate for the injured reserve if the shoulder continues to be a hindrance.

Cade McNown was favoring his shoulder in practice. He seems to struggle early but once the shoulder warms up he is substantially more accurate.

Special teamís practices took place in the afternoon. There were no significant advancements in any of the competitions.

The team spent a great deal of time working the two minute offense. The coaching staff wanted to concentrate on getting the plays into the huddle, and the play off in as little time as possible.

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