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What Happened On Day 8
July 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers finished their final training camp day before their first pre-season game. The team will leave for Osaka, Japan to play in the American Bowl this weekend. With an eleven hour trip ahead of them, and week of travel and orientation that will take time away from regular practice, Mariucci and his staff made sure that Tuesday was a solid practice.

Brandon Doman was given fewer snaps in order to give Cade McNown some more repetitions. McNown will be lucky to see any time in the 49ers first pre-season game. He has struggled to pick up the offense in a short six days. Ultimately the lack of time in the system may be McNown’s Achilles heal.

Receiver Mike Jennings, who has made it this far in the off-season on his track star speed has his big moment, beating the 49ers best cornerback, Ahmed Plummer for a 22-yard touchdown. Jennings is looking to contribute in anyway possible, and is quite possibly the fastest member of the team.

Tai Streets may be losing his spot as the number three receiver. Day in and day out Cedrick Wilson is giving the 49ers reason to believe that he would do better in the position. This weekends game against the Redskins may help the 49ers make a decision at this spot.

JJ Stokes and Jeff Garcia are beginning to build a rapport between the two of them. Stokes is working out nicely this training camp, but has there be an off-season when we haven’t said that?

The team appeared to have some difficulties with onside kick recoveries. Neither place kicker appeared to be doing a great job in this area.

Mike Rumph had a tough day getting beaten repeatedly by Owens and by Stokes. Meanwhile Eric Johnson continues to add another dimension to the tight end position.

Coach Steve Mariucci has been encouraging his players to bring their families to Stockton. Many players, incliding Jeff Ulbrich and Dana Stubblefield have been happy to. NFL players spend a large chunk of their career away from their familes. Mariucci has always been a 'family man' and believes that players benefit from having their familes around, hence the open invitation.

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