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What Happened On Day 6
July 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Steve Mariucci was in a good mood on Friday, and the players couldn’t have been happier. There’s little doubt that the 49ers offer one of the best atmospheres in the NFL. Mariucci surprised the team, by canceling the afternoon practice, opting instead to cover both practices in the morning. Mariucci also gave several veterans the day off including Derek Smith, Dana Stubblefield, Bryant Young, Matt Willig, Jason Webster, Jeff Garcia and Garrison Hearst. All players will be in attendance on Monday as there is no practice held on Sunday (ironic isn’t?)

Despite having the day off, Hearst and Garcia couldn’t stay away. Both were at camp, not practicing. Hearst spent an inordinate amount of time with fans, even sitting with them for a bit. Much to the dismay of the large crowd, it was a non padded practice - meaning absolutely no contract.

Ty Wise was back on the training field, but Vinny Sutherland continued to nurse his injury.

With Garcia off, Tim Ratty got lots of time tossing the ball. Ratty looked the best he has all camp, but often stares down his receiver before throwing the ball. Meanwhile rookie Brandon Doman showed off his arm going down field several times quite nicely. Cade McNown was still struggling, learning the offense and to correct some of his bad mechanics.

Terry Jackson got some extra rushing time with Hearst sitting out. Jackson looked good, but simply can’t compare to Barlow or Hearst as a running back. Paul Smith continues to give Jackson a run for his money.

The 49ers also ran a few ‘reverses’ to Terrell Owens. The reverse used to be a key trick play with the 49ers, but over the past few years it has faded away, only making the rare appearance. Perhaps this is a sign of the more aggressive offense the team has been hyping.

With Garcia out, the defensive backs were licking their chops. Rookie Kevin Curtis recorded two interceptions, and both Williams and Holman looked quite good at defending the pass.

The held its first ever alumni barbeque and had a great turn out. Keena Turner, Steve Bono, Jesse Sapolu, Eric Wright and Guy McIntyre were all involved in its organization.

The team signed cornerback Fred Booker…Saturday workouts were offensive lineman Evan Pilgrim (BYU) and Blaine Saipaia (Colorado State).

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