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What Happened On Day 4
July 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers continue to experience a bit of a cool front, with temperatures in the low nineties. That of course, didnít stop Terrell Owens from heating it up, as he put on a receiving clinic. Owens is head and shoulders above the rest of the receivers and the defensive backs. He simply is in better condition, has better skill and has just been awesome so far. Defensive backs can only get better by matching up against him in practice.

In the morning the team focused primarily on the two minute drill and on the no huddle offense. It gave the offense plenty of time to light it up, and the defense a real chance to go after some passes. Garrison Hearst and Kevan Barlow both exploited the defense with some great moves too.

Undrafted free agent, Frank Strong has had some good times in his new linebacker position. Despite being quiet on day four, he has already made two interceptions. Meanwhile Julian Peterson had two interceptions in the morning, and Jamie Winborn one all from the linebacking position. The defensive line was also pressuring the quarterbacks all day - of course they also knew almost every play would be a pass.

The place kicking competition also took off, with Cotez kicking up a storm. Neither player looks interested in giving up there chance to remain on the roster, but Chandler only connected on 1/4 attemtps, and Cotez was a perfect 4/4.

NFL films continues to hang around and do their thing, filming the offensive line.

The afternoon was strictly a special teams practice. Mariucci cut the session short, after being happy with what he saw. Both punters, Baker and Bayes were really booting the ball. Baker has an edge, knowing how to kick in the swirling winds of the 49ers stadium, but the competition is extremely tight.

Returning kicks was Saladin McCullough, Jamal Robertson, Mike Jennings, Cedrick Wislon, Vinny Sutherland, Jamie Williams. Few if any balls hit the ground, but Wilson and Sutherland looked best at this position.

The gunner position was manned by a variety of tandems formed from the group of: Saladin McCullough, Paul Smith, Teddy Gaines, Donnie OíNeal. Smith and McCullough appeared to get down the field the fastest.

The 49es will have a pair of cornerbacks Friday for workouts: Fred Booker and Bo Springfield.

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