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What Happened On Day 3
July 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Day three of training camp was filled with solid action. The team did not wear pads though, and looked to be taking a few extra precautions to prevent injury. Perhaps the coaching staff asked the team to tone it down a little bit. Despite the extra caution, Anthony Parker limped off the practice field in the morning nursing a strained knee.

The morning practices went on without Jason Webster, Garrison Hearst and Terrell Owens. All of whom were letting their bodies get some much needed rest, but were back on the field by afternoon practice. Webster continues to play at a high level this off-season. Receiver Mike Jennings also returned to practice.

Rookie Eric Heitmann has been taking snaps at center, but the team has been giving longer looks to McCurly at the position. Ty Wise who was signed on Tuesday worked primarily with the third and fourth string players.

Steve Mariucci was giving quarterback Cade McNown lots of special attention. McNown has apparently developed some bad habits since joining the NFL, and Mariucci would like to eliminate those.

Eric Johnson is as good, if not better than he was at the end of last season. Johnson has added bulk and seemed to have improved blocking; his pass catching is still his strength though.

Rooke Mike Rumph had some extra duties in practice with Jason Webster sitting out the morning. Rumph was holding his own, but clearly will need some time to adjust to the NFL.

The 49ers were testing a new bit of technology, from Avacore, their Rapid Thermal Exchange product to help keep players core body temperatures in control. The system, in which a player places his hand, works by cooling one of the bodyís Ďhot zonesí the palm, stimulating a cool sensation throughout the body.

Zack Bronson intercepts pass attempted for JJ Stokes. Bronson has looked very good this off-season, and though itís said every year, JJ has improved too. Also at receiver, Cedrick Wilson continues to catch the attention of the coaches, fans and media.

Running back Saladin McCullough has been getting lots of snaps. He is likely Jamal Robertsonís biggest competition.

The 49ers will work out Ryan Frenandez, an offensive lineman that was cut from the 49ers after mini-camps. The offensive line, also worked on a film with NFL Films after practice.

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