So It Begins- 06/24/2000
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In two short weeks, the 49ers training camp will once again spring to life with players beginning to arrive on July 15th. The pressure will be on the coaches and the players to put together a squad that will erase the memories of last season.

It should be a very exciting summer. The 49ers will have decisions to make at almost ever position. The only things we know for sure at this point is that Bryant Young will start at defensive tackle, Ken Norton Jr and Winfred Tubbs at linebacker, Lance Schulters at a safety position, Jeff Garcia will start at quarterback, Charlie Garner and Fred Beasely will round up the backfield while Greg Clark starts at tight end. The receivers will be Jerry Rice, JJ Stokes, Terrell Owens, and Tai Streets, but who knows where on the depth chart each player will end up this season.

Yes, it should be exciting. It will be exciting to see if Julian Peterson will make an impact at linebacker, of if Reggie McGrew, Chike Okeafor and John Engelberger will be a force on the defensive line. It will be exciting to see the safety position develop with Bronson, Prioleau, and John Keith waiting in the wings. It will be very interesting to see how the cornerback situation transpires, with Ahmed Plumer, Anthony Parkers, Jason Webster, Monty Montgomery, and Ramos McDonald; and that's just the defense.

The 49ers will have a hard time figuring out if they should carry four quarterbacks, with Garcia, Carmazzi, Ratty and now Mirer. It will be exciting to see Garrison Hearst try and come back from an injury no players has before.

The 49ers will also take a trip to Canton Ohio to play in the Hall of Fame Game on July 31st. They will be there just in time to see Joe Montana, Ronny Lott, and Dave Wilcox inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

This summer will surely go by fast, and with only 70 days until opening day, there will have to be many decisions to be made. Will the team sign DE Roy Barker or KR Kevin Williams, my gut instinct says yes, but ultimately, it is the teams decision.

Editors Note: Due to summer obligations, I will be unable to update the News Archive of this site from tomorrow until the 23 or 24th of August. The good news is due to some advances in Internet technology, the Hot Off The Press section should remain rather up to date, though it will not be quite as up to date as when I handle it. Hopefully the addition of Brad and Syd's Corners will keep the fan perspective going, and of course, the forum, that has really come on strong. I invite everyone to keep posting there. To know exactly when 49ers Paradise is running par norm, please join the 49ers Paradise Newsletter, either by adding you email at the top of this page, on the main page of 49ers Paradise, or on either of the Corners. For your convenience, you can also sign up at the bottom of this page I really appreciate your continued support everyone. You are what makes 49ers Paradise a success, and I can not thank you enough for that. I have some very exciting things in store for this coming season, and can't wait to add them. I hope everyone has an incredible summer, and I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Once again, thank you for remaining faithful to the 49ers and 49ers Paradise

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