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To Win, To Lose, That Is The Question
December 17th, 2001
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The Monday night showdown between the Rams and the Saints means more to the 49ers than it just being another NFC West battle. In fact, in deciding who to cheer for in this one, the 49ers have a very tough task. Normally decisions of this magnitude are pretty easy - and go something like this:

“I hope the Rams lose this week”

But things aren’t so simple anymore. With the 49ers and the Rams battling for the top spot in the NFC West, naturally the 49ers would love to see the Rams drop a game - heck they’d love to see the Rams drop two games. Because that would give the 49ers a chance at first place in the NFC West and most likely a bye in the first round of the playoffs. Of course the chances of the Rams losing two games is pretty slim, but still it’s nice to dream right?

The quandary is though that if the Rams win, the 49ers secure themselves a playoff spot. That in its self seems reason to cheer for the Rams. After all, being a game and a tie-breaker back from the Rams it seems unlikely - though not impossible that the 49ers could win the NFC West. At 10-3 there is little more anyone could expect from the 49ers, but a playoff birth would surely show an enormous improvement over last season, - and the sooner the better.

With the game less than twenty-four hours away, I know I haven’t decided on who to cheer for this Monday. I do know that either way, the 49ers win. More than likely the 49ers would qualify for a playoff spot regardless of the outcome of this Sunday’s game and seeing the Rams lose, is always nice. On the other hand, the old expression “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” always lingers in the back of mind. It’s truly amazing that not so long ago, the 49ers could practically guarantee ten wins, and the playoffs, and now we as fans are debating how the team will get in. Ultimately the 49ers own their own destiny - and if they win out, they are in the playoffs, nevertheless, a little help along the way is always nice.

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