Lance Schulters Is One Tough Man --10/15/01
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Every football player is dedicated to their job. They all recognize that playing the game is a privilege, and being able to play it for money, well that’s almost a joke. But how many players actually put their bodies in harms way for the sake of a win? The 49ers have at least one such player on their current roster.

Regardless of whether or not you personally agree with putting your team before your body, you have to admire what Lance Schulters did this past Sunday. Early in the game, Schulters suffered a dislocated shoulder. For those of you who do not know, that injury occurs when the arm is actually pulled out of the shoulder joint. Needless to say it is a painful injury.

After sustaining the injury, Schulters went into the locker room to have his should checked out, and popped back into place. When the x-ray came back showing that everything was ‘normal’, Schulters returned to the sidelines; only he wasn’t in street clothes like most players in his situation would be. He wanted back in the game.

Lance grew up in Brooklyn New York. Ask him about his childhood football days and he will be happy to recount playing on asphalt, from sewer grate to sewer grate, where a pass pattern was hitch left at the Buick, and where tackles were made without any padding. No doubt, even as a child Schulters was a tough, tough individual.

Somehow Schulters convinced coaches that it would be ok to return to the game, and when he did, he recorded six tackles, and one sack. He was one of the main contributors in turning the 49ers defense from doormats to brick walls, and suddenly the 49ers were back in the game.

Terrell Owens may have scored three key touchdowns in this weeks game, but there is no doubt in my mind which player on the team left it all out on the field. There is only one way to describe what Schulters did this past weekend, and that’s to say “he pulled a Ronnie Lott”

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