Putting the top together---1/14/99

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The 49ers have started to put the front office together again. Nobody other the Steve Mariucci have had a contract extended to them. However it is very apparent that Bill Walsh will be back with the 49ers, he will run the draft, and evaluate the players the 9ers need to re-sign and attempt to get. He will work along side of John McVay. McVay will work along side Walsh, but McVay will have much less say on who to sign. Already McVay must attempt to resign Marty Morhinweg the offensive coordinator, and defensive-line coach Dwaine Board. As far as players are concerned, the 9ers must find room to resign Stokes, Owens and Dave Fiore.

The draft is fast approaching and the 9ers know that they need to get the front office together before they can do anything productive in the offseason. They are also looking out for their future. They are seriously considering bringing in former UCLA Coach Terry Donahue and/or the former 49ers star receiver Gene Washington who has been working for the NFL, to front office positions. Donahue has already had informal discussions with Bill Walsh, and though being sought as a head coach by 2 other teams, he may opt to join the 9ers with the incentive that he would one day become club president.

In the mean time though, owner Eddie Debartlo has still not been reinstated. Originally the team thought he would be back right after the season, however lately, they have said he might have to wait until the owners meeting in March. The 9ers need Debartlo back because he knows how to spend, and also many coaches and players want to know who their boss will be before they sign a contract.

The 9ers seem to be getting thing under control. Bill Walsh has met with Steve Mariucci and they both seam eager to start working together. Terry Donahue is a extremely knowledgeable football man, and would be a great addition to the 9ers front office. However first he must be groomed in 49ers fasion, and who better to do it then Bill Walsh. Things are finally starting to look promising for the 49ers, maybe they can return to form next season. . Talk about it in the 49ers forum

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