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Do The 49ers Know Their Top Qbs
May 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Thereís been a whole lot of talk this off-season about the depth at the quarterback position. The 49ers have a fair number of prospects all vying for one position. It seems however, with the development of Tim Ratty and the drafting of Brandon Doman, that the 49ers know who their top three QBs will be.

Jeff Garcia has the number one spot locked up. Nobody will doubt that. Behind him, Tim Ratty has the second spot pretty much to himself. The third quarterback spot will likely go to Brandon Doman - if for no other reason than giving the team a chance to see him develop. While the competition for Aaron Garcia - and if possible, a healthy Giovanni Carmazzi is there, it does not seem like the 49ers are that serious in these two candidates.

Garcia would likely have to beat out Ratty for a position on the roster, because the 49ers want to give Brandon Doman a look. While Garcia may develop into a better quarterback down the road than Ratty, because of his ability to improvise, its rather doubtful that the 49ers would want him as the first guy off the bench if something were to go wrong to Garcia. Meanwhile Giovanni Carmazzi may see another year on the injured reserve if he canít get back on track for training camp. Carmazzi, who could also be cut, likely would have to beat our Ratty for the position - but given Carmazziís time to study the West Coast Offense, if he was indeed healthy, he likely could unseat Ratty.

Itís for those reasons that it seems like the 49ers are quite set in their quarterback candidates. There will still be competition, but really for the 49ers to let it play out any other way, doesnít really make sense. They could try and keep Garcia on their practice squad, or even Doman for that matter, but both would have to be cleared through the waiver wire first.

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