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Training Camp Notes
August 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers took off to Osaka Japan yesterday. Players were encouraged to get as much sleep as possible on the eleven hour flight, in order for their bodies to best adjust to the time difference. The 49ers are set to play the Redskins this weekend.

Most players stated they would spend time on the flight reading, watching movies or studying the playbook. Tim Rattay for one, will be going over the x’s and o’s. Rattay is expected to receive the bulk of offensive snaps.

Jason Webster did travel with the club despite his injury. The 49ers are taking it day by day, but it sounds like if it was the regular season, Webster would be ‘actively rested’ and playing in the game. The 49ers may hold him out as a precaution though, and to get Mike Rumph a few extra repetitions.

49ers Paradise has learned that Andre Carter has been working on his pass coverage skills as well. Carter will likely drop into coverage in certain zone schemes, possibly on a linebacker blitz or other times as Jim Mora tries to add another dimension to the defense.

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