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What’s To Come
May 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will be pretty busy between now and the start of training camp. The team still has two mini-camps scheduled, and must would like to sign its rookies. The June first, fiscal end of the NFL year is also lurking around the corner.

Starting May 22nd and running until the 24th , the team will hold its rookies and selected veteran mini-camp. The team would like to have some of its rookies signed by this point, and certainly has the salary cap room to do so.

The team will follow that up with a full-squad meeting between June 3 and June 6. Both mini-camps will be held at the team practice facility in Santa Clara

There is really very little rest for the 49ers as they get ready for training camp, but they will get some time off between the end of the June mini-camp and the start of training camp. From that point on, it will be heavy work to get ready for the pre-season opener in Japan.

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