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What About The Other Jackson?
May 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
A big focus this off-season has been on whether the 49ers should sign free agent Willie Jackson, and when the team would sign Willie Jackson, and while a whole lot of news about Willie Jackson. But what about his brother, Terry, who has been on the team for quite some time now, and is coming off the best season of his career. Why no news?

Terry Jackson is a restricted free agent with the 49ers, and has not been re-signed yet. The versatile running back who plays a multitude of positions and excels on special teams remains a part of the team with only a contract tender. Thereís been minimal speculation that with Paul Smith bulking up to play fullback, Terryís spot may even be in jeopardy on the roster. Though I happen to think differently, without a contract and signing bonus in hand, who knows what could happen?

Terry has been a very valuable contributor to the 49ers, so the question is, with approximately $5 million in salary cap space, and Terry restricted to the 49ers, why has there been no contract. While I hate to say it, itís possible the 49ers want to work out a brotherly contract, which would be a first in team history. Itís also possible that the team is just taking its time. Either way, Iíll be a much happier person once the 49ers actually do sign Jackson. Heís an integral part of the backfield chemistry, and a head hunter on special teams. Not to mention it would help bring Willie San Fran.

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