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Owens Running Out Of Time To Make Up His Mind
June 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens survived his first outing in the United States Basket Ball League. The 49ers were relieved. Now Owens is debating whether he will return to the USBLís Adriondack Wildcats to take part in the playoffs. The time to make the decision however is quickly running out.

The USBLís Ďpost-season festivalí as it is known takes place from June 28th-30th. Eight of the ten teams participate in the three day, single elimination tournament. The host team, in this case Oklahoma gets a automatic entry into the tournament. With the festival now less than fifteen days away, Owens is running out of time in deciding whether he will re-join his team.

The 49ers staff are especially opposed to Owens returning to the league. Although most of the coaches were unhappy with the moves the first time around, this time, the games are much closer to the regular season. That means should Owens get injured heíd have very little time to make a comeback.

In the mean time, Terrell Owens officially remains on the Wildcatís roster. While Owens was not a huge factor on the court with the Wildcats, he was a great inspiration to the team, and added to the chemistry of the team. Until Owens announces his decision, we will all just have to wait and see. The good news is, Owens canít wait much longer.

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