49ers Tid Bits- 04/19/2001
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With less than a week until Draft Day, there has been much speculation surrounding the 49ers. Many fans are pulling for a running back to replace Charlie Garner, and conflicting reports on Garrison Hearst from Steve Mariucci and Tom Rathman emerged earlier this week.

Meanwhile the team is still looking for a pass rush and talks with Dana Stubblefield are heating up. Stubblefield, the former 49er and player of the year really would like to return to the 49ers and the two sides are getting closer to a deal. The 49ers however, have not given up on Brenston Buckner, who was second only to Bryant Young in sacks last season.

The team has also formally announced that it wont match San Diego's offer on Wade Richey. Richey became the 49ers highest paid place kicker ever last season. The team would like to have him back, but simply can't afford him. As a result the team will gain approximately half a million dollars in salary cap room. The extra room should help in the signing of Stubblefied, Buckner or both.

The 49ers also have denied interest in Broncos running back Mike Anderson. The Broncos were looking for a first round pick in exchange for Anderson, but the 49ers feel that the pick could land them a better player.

Future NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has also visited with the Detroit Lions. Rice feels that the Lions would be a great fit for him after his imminent release from the 49ers on June first. Rice would team with Herman Moore for one of the best receiving tandems in the league.

In just a few short days the 49ers will finally take some action, to end all the speculation about the direction the team is heading in. The players the team drafts could very well determine how they approach the free agent market. Saturday the 49ers actions will speak louder than all the words from the past month.

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