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What Would The 3rd Jersey Look Like?
May 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
With the NFL adopting a third jersey this season, and at least eleven teams ready to feature a third jersey, it really makes one wonder if the 49ers will be involved. The idea of a third jersey is to either commemorate an event or to honor a teamís history. And since the 49ers have such a storied history, and have enjoyed success in a third jersey in the past, it seems rather likely that they will take part in this seasonís festivities. The team may wait until next season to feature a third jersey, but either way there are a number of possibilities for the 49ers.

One possibility, perhaps the most obvious is to include the jersey the 49ers wore before their most recent version. White numbers, and letters on a red (crimson, claret, burgundy - email me if you know and have proof of the 49ers official name of the red color) background. Three white strips on the sleeves, with no logo (inverse colors used for the away jersey). This jersey was a long time favorite of the team, and is missed by many a 49er fan. It would be a logical choice for the team.

Another possibility would be to feature the teamís third jersey that it used in 1994-5 when it won the Super Bowl. The throwback style with a black shadow behind white numbers would certainly remind fans and the team of the great history of the 49ers.

The third possibility would be to feature a gold jersey like seen in many athletic stores. The gold jersey would likely have white numbers with red shadows and is pretty sweet. It may however go rather poorly with the teamís pants.

The final apparent possibility would be to wear a black jersey with white writing and red shadows. Given the hatred between the Raiders and the 49ers, this may not Ďflyí that well as the teams third jersey, but would likely look quite Ďcoolí.

Iím excited for a new look, if for no other reason than to see more NFL merchandise in the stores, this is simply a good thing!

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