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Home, Away and What? A third Jersey!
May 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The NFL likes to change things up every once in a while, so at the March owernership meeting, the league voted in favor of allowing teams add a third jersey, to go with the current home and away versions, as part of the teams wardrobes. NFL teams will be allowed to feature the jersey only once during the regular season, and it must be worn after the ninth game of the season.

Eleven teams have requested and received permission to wear a third jersey this season, and it is unclear at this point which eleven teams have done so. It is know however, that the Miami Dolphins are not one of those teams. The Dolphins are expected to ask for the permission for the 2003 season however. The NFL has yet to rule on how often teams will be allowed to where the third jersey.

The NFL is not the first league to permit this. Three jerseys was popularized by Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League, quite some time ago. In 1994-5 the 49ers last Super Bowl appearance, teams were wore a throwback jersey as often as they wished. The 49ers had success in the jersey and played in it for most of the season. In 1994, the third jerseys generated about $40 million in revenues, honoring the NFL 75th anniversary.

The 49ers changed their NFL jersey recently unveiling a much more modern look to them. Most 49ers fans approve of the new jerseys, but the third jersey could be away to satisfy those who still cry for simplicity. Based on history, it is a rather safe guess that the 49ers will be one of the 11 teams to feature a third jersey this season - however this has not been confirmed at this moment. Should the 49ers feature a third jersey at some point in the 2002-3 season, it will have to be within the teamís official colors.

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