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49ers Lullaby
December 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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With the way the 49ers were playing on Sunday, in the second half of the game, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that some fans were lulled to sleep. The team came out, and began playing inspired football, at least on defense, Garcia’s two back to back interceptions in the first quarter did not help matters though.

Soon after the team forgot that it was playing football, and began relinquishing a 21 point lead. In the process the team gave up over 500 total yards of offense. The 49ers couldn’t counter the Seahawks attack in the second half. Not only were they unable to stop them, but they were also unable to match them with their own scores.

The 49ers got lucky with a few big plays from their defense. Three turnovers, with points coming off two of them was a good start and perhaps the only way the 49ers were able to stop the Seahawks once the game progressed into the second half.

A few key players stepped up for the 49ers, but make no mistake about it, the 49ers got away with a win here, they were not victorious though. Too much dignity was lost with the way this game was played. If you were an opposing NFL team, would you fear the 49ers?

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