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- Terrell: Eat My Shorts!
It is easy to defend Terrell Owens actions on the field. Easy to sit back and enjoy an over zealous celebration; easy to shrug off sideline conflicts as a competitive drive to win that supersedes all else; easy to look the other way as he pulls up on a route, short arms a pass, or just flat out lets another drop out of his hands. Some of it, I like to see; other parts of it I simply tolerate because he is one of the most explosive men in football. And so it is easy to enjoy what Owens does on the field.

What Owens does off the field however is much harder to accept. Owens rationalizes his big mouth and even larger ego by balancing it with lots of charity work and the fact that he has no criminal record. There is no doubt that his contributions to society and the Bay Area are welcomed and approved of. But does that mean he should be wanted as a 49er?

In light of recent comments, it has become clear that Terrell Owens does not respect the starting quarterback on the roster. Further hes eager to lay blame everywhere but on himself. Players tell the media that he is not a distraction to them and is actually a leader in the locker room, but how can anyone believe that when Owens is quick to put down team mates. Maybe he thinks it is all about motivation, but it is overwhelmingly clear that Owens has stepped over the boundaries time and time again. There are certain things an athlete should not say to the media, there are certain ways an athlete should act when they have a problem, and there are certain expectations that 49ers players must abide by in order to earn the distinction of being a 49er.

Day in and out I have wrestled with my position on Terrell Owens, who is an unrestricted free agent this coming season. My opinion flip flops on a regular basis, but at the time of writing this I just want him gone. I would love for the team to get compensation from him, but quite honestly if we do not, I will just be happy to see him out the door. Sure I may call the management pathetic for not being able to secure compensation for one of the best players in football, but ultimately I think the ends will justify the means.

If Owens wants to go to Philadelphia that is fine by me. If while he is there he posts a 2000 yard season and wins three Super Bowls, I will of course be upset that the 49ers did not win those Bowls, but I will still be happy he is gone. I have simply come to the conclusion that I do not want a player on the 49ers that refuses to practice, is constantly injured, runs his mouth faster than the micro-machine man, and still drops passes, short arms passes and gives up on routes. I just do not want that on the 49ers, even if it means giving up one of the best players in the game today.

I want Brandon Lloyd, Cederick Wilson and Arnaz Battle to see that being a 49er is about more than just playing football, or being the best. It really is about being on a whole different level. Terrell has had ample time to reform, he has had plenty of opportunity to reach that new level he just has not. Year after year there is something, someone to complain about. Year after year the problem is everywhere but in his dropped passes or antics. Too many years have gone by now.

This is as good a time as any to get rid of Owens. He has not been healthy in two seasons. He has not fully practiced in two seasons. He has refused to catch balls at practice despite sporting the worst hands on the team. He is a constant distraction. He clearly has a problem with whoever he wants to at a given moment (right now it just happens to be Jeff Garcia, tomorrow it could be rookie Kwame Harris for all we know). Get rid of Owens now, and the team does not have to worry about his salary cap implications or restructuring a contract that will surely take a lions share of the cap away each year. This really is as good a time as any to let Owens walk, I just hope we can get some sort of compensation for him in the process.

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