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Terrell Could Play More BBall
June 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Although Terrell Owens re-joined the team on Wednesday, his basketball aspirations are not quite over. Owens still dreams of making the NBA, though after his outing in the USBL, it appears that dream may not be very realistic. But with Owens continued love for the game, he is also contemplating returning to the USBL to compete with the Wildcats in the playoffs during June.

The Wildcats have already said that they would welcome Owens back to the team. Hardly a star player, Owens was still an asset to the overall chemistry of the team. He would love to be a part of that team when it enters the playoffs in mid-June.

If Owens were to return to the Wildcats for the playoffs, it would not interfere with the teams mini-camps, or training camps. But should Owens get injured, there would be significantly less time for him to rehabilitate, than there was in his first outing. Itís for that reason that the team is discouraging Owens return to the USBL.

Owens said that a return would depend on how he feels. He also noted that heís in exceptionally good condition, and would be in football shape for training camp regardless of whether he joined the USBL. Still the notion of him getting injured now, is even more frightful than before. The team has asked its players to refrain from participating in hazardous activities, and Steve Mariucci who supported Owens first outing, is frowning upon a return at this point in the season.

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