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Ten Days Off
September 07 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Now that the 49ers have gotten five pre-season games behind them, and the regular season opening road trip behind them, the team finally has an opportunity to recuperate. The 49ers have ten days of rest between their first and second games of the 2002-3 season, and after some very intense periods, the break is much deserved.

Despite having relatively few and minor injuries from the first game of the season (C Jeremy Newberry (L foot strain) and defensive end Andre Carter (R knee strain)), the 49esr are indeed a bruised team. The ten days of recuperation time will be vital for plays like John Engelberger, Jeff Ulbrich, Saleem Rasheed, Jim Flannigan, Rashad Holman, Matt Willig and many others.

The team will also have some real time to prepare for a very powerful Bronco team. Unlike the first time these two teams met, in pre-season the 49ers should be ready for this game.

The most important part is getting healthy for this team. From there Mariucci and his staff can work on everything else. After a very trying period the 49ers finally get some rest.

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