Team Motivation--10/23/01
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Keeping a team motivated for a whole season is a particularly tough task. Itís a hard enough task to do week by week, but even harder over the course of a bye week. Itís one very easy way to distinguish the good coaches from the not so good ones. In this day in age, when there are so many distractions from media, to even family, what do coaches do to keep a team motivated?

Since arriving to the 49ers, Steve Mariucci has been an effective motivator. He has found ways to keep the team playing with their hearts all season despite brutal injuries, and sometimes-brutal records. Mariucci has proven that being a Ďplayers coachí is an effective way at keeping a team together over the course of training camp to the last game of there season. But how does he do it?

Mariucci is a very direct coach, he says exactly what he is thinking and lets passion get in the way. There have been coaches that talk through the media, but Mariucci is nothing like that. He doesnít want his players guessing what he is thinking. Thus the team doesnít lose interest or respect in their coach. The team knows exactly what is expected of them, and knows that when they arenít meeting expectations they are going to hear about it.

Mariucci has also assembled a similar coaching staff. The cohesive unit provides consistency to the team. The same message from top down, and thus it gets across to the players. Mariucci has made a point of keeping his team together; he puts much effort into developing the young players into a unit where it is not everyone for themselves, but rather a unit where each move is a function of the rest of the team.

Mariucciís willingness to accommodate his players, sometimes allowing them to stay an extra day when the team visits a home city of a one of the players has also kept the team motivated. As a result the players on the team want to listen to Mariucci. They believe in there coaching staff, and they donít for a minute question that they can accomplish great things.

Coming off a bye-week to play Chicago this week, the 49ers will have to show that they can stay motivated and beat a very good team. Mariucciís coaching tactics should result in a very close team by seasonís end, and on the way, the team should also remain motivated to a common goal of winning.

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