Sipping Tea- 10/14/99
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Sometimes when you hear something so often, no matter how wrong it may be, you begin to believe it. Maybe the 49ers corners began to believe what everyone was saying. Maybe it finally got to them, and maybe just maybe they finally failed big time like everyone was expecting them too. Not likely, chances are the 49ers over-estimated the corner position.

As a result Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams was able to throw for 5 touchdowns against the 9ers, and the game was decided way before it was ever over. To correct the situation the 49ers did two things. For starters Darnell Walker will be visiting the bench this week, and will be lucky to see action in the dime defense. Taking his place is R.W. McQuarters. McQuarters hasn't become the shutdown corner the 49ers had hoped, but he hasn't been give the greatest of oppurtunities anyway. McQuarters has improved in every game he has played in and rarley makes the same place twice. McQuarters should improve the corner position over last week, and may be able to hold onto it for the rest of the season.

The other move the 9ers made was signing Wasswa Serwanga off the practise squad. Serwanga was a very impressive rookie in the pre-season and he is a little taller then most of the 49ers corners too. Serwanga is 5'11" and nearly 200 pounds. His larger frame helps against the taller receivers. Serwanga will probably undergo a learning curve, and wont start just yet, but expect him to make an impact on the defense.

The 49ers are finally not sitting back with their defensive problems. Signing Serwanga and moving McQuarters to a starter should be some great great moves. Afterall, last week, the corners were sipping tea instead of playing football.
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