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Steve Young Get’s His Turn
June 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Just a few weeks ago Joe Montana had his opportunity to be a legend. Visiting 49ers headquarters to film a NFL Films video with some other 49ers alumni and Bill Walsh, Montana took center stage. Montana had the current 49ers in awe as he looked almost good enough to step back into the NFL.

Montana spent time with the 49ers quarterbacks including Jeff Garcia. How much he helped or tutored these players’ remains to be scene, but his presence along is inspiring.

Steve Young will get a similar opportunity in the next few weeks. Young will visit the Atlanta Falcons camp where he has been hired to work along side the young Michael Vick. Both quarterbacks are mobile and left handed. Young has already been a success in the NFL, where as Vick is still learning the ropes.

Vick idolized Young growing up. He wore Steve Young replica jerseys and tried to pattern his style of play after Young. Everything from Young’s drop back to his nimble feet - Vick tried to imitate it all. Imitation of course, is the best form of flattery.

Steve Young will get his chance to be a legend this off-season. Unfortunately though, his opportunity comes with the Falcons instead of the 49ers. Young a star in his own right is always welcome at 49ers head quarters, but certainly he’ll be looking forward to strutting his stuff in front of a team he used to face twice a season.

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