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Shouldn’t Young Help 49ers?
June 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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It was quite widely publicized last week that former 49ers quarterback Steve Young would be in the Atlanta Falcons camp to help Mike Vick adapt to the NFL. Naturally this brushed many 49ers fans the wrong way, especially considering the Falcons were part of the 49ers division up until this off-season. While it’s comforting to know that Young is getting compensated for his time, and not just helping out a rival team for the fun of it, one still has to wonder why the heck he isn’t in 49ers camp instead.

The 49ers have been through three quarterback coaches in the past three seasons (Gregg Knapp is still with the team, but in an offensive coordinator capacity). Certainly, Mariucci would love to have Young, who stops by the 49ers facility every now and then, on the field helping mold some of the less experienced quarterbacks on the roster.

The 49ers also have Brandon Doman as a quarterback on their roster. Doman and Young are both alumni of BYU. The two are quite friendly, and Young has given Doman pointers in the past. His presence with the team would fit naturally with Doman. Of course there is also Cade McNown, who coming out of UCLA was compared to Steve. McNown’s career of course never took off like Young’s did, but of course, Young’s career didn’t take off until the 49ers traded for him too. McNown are Young are both left handed as well.

It would certainly fit better to have Young in the 49ers camp as a ‘guest coach’. Better of course than with the Falcons a team he defeated more times than he was concussed. So while Mike Vick might have idolized Young when he was growing up, there are two very good players on the 49ers, Young’s former team who also molded their games after Young.

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