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Sutherland Continued
May 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In the latest saga surrounding the 49ers, that of Vinny Sutherland and his two felony charges, has Sutherland releasing a statement about his actions. Sutherland was excused from practice on Wednesday, but is expected to participate in the remaining parts of the camp.

Among other things, Sutherland apologized to his family, the 49ers organization, his teammates and the Bay Area community. He expressed remorse for his actions and stated that he will take the necessary steps to rectify his personal problems. Due to attorney advisement, Sutherland was advised to limit his statement to that.

Driving under the influence is never an excusable incident. Sutherland was very lucky that no party in the situation was injured. The 49ers have not yet stated what if any disciplinary actions Sutherland will face, nor have they expressed any information regarding Kevin Curtis and Josh Shaw who were both passengers in the car.

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