Superiority Complex 3/19/01
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The 49ers have had a surprisingly busy off-season, but not in normal NFL fashion. While most teams are out there looking for that key free agent that may push them over the top, or signing new quarterbacks, the 49ers have been doing some very clever maneuvering. This was in part out of necessity and in part due to smart planning.

It's almost gone unnoticed, but the 49ers have been re-assembling the coaching and front office staff this off-season. When Marty Morhinweg too the head coaching job in Detroit the 49ers made a very clever move in promoting former quarterback coach Greg Knapp into his old position. Knapp is one of the better offensive minds that have come through the 49ers ranks and should be able to pick up where Morhinweg left off, if not improve upon it. His rapport with quarterback Jeff Garcia and his understudies should aid in calling the offensive plays and schemes.

With the quarterback coaching position now vacated, the 49ers made an excellent move by bringing in Greg Olson. Olson joins the NFL ranks with a long list of credentials and is really the perfect fit for the 49ers. He will work very closely with the quarterbacks on the 49ers roster, and learn from Greg Knapp. The two should be able to continue Garcia's improvements, and help last season's rookies grow.

In the front office, Bill Walsh is slowly dropping into the background, allowing Terry Donahue to move into the forefront. Donahue proved last off-season that he is a very good evaluator of talent and one of the most organized staff to be a part of the 49ers. Donahue is expected to step directly into the spotlight after the draft when Bill Walsh is expected to reduce his role to a consultant and may take over for John McVay too in the near future.

Meanwhile the 49ers also hired a new Chief Financial Officer in Les Schmidt, and added David Goldman to the staff is the Vice President of Business Development. These two should help the team finally get a stadium project underway, and may be able to add some valuable insight into managing the financial situation the 49ers are currently in.

These moves have all taken place in the background, and have gotten very little media attention. That is a very unfortunate thing considering that these moves could very well be what secures the 49ers future. The 49ers have always had one of the best front offices, and coaching staffs in the league. The moves of this off-season seem to dictate that the trend will continue for many years to come.

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