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Sunday Morning Notes
November 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers face the Raiders today in the first regular season game against the Raiders in Oakland since 1979 - hint hint check the trivia section of 49ers Paradise, that question has been up there for way too long. As it stands now, though this could change by game time, Eric Johnson will miss his second consecutive game, and thus Justin Swift will get his second consecutive start at tight end. That would likely mean Mark Anelli will be active again.

The 49ers game against the Raiders will be the first of three consecutive games against the AFC West teams. The 49ers will face the Chiefs and Chargers in the following weeks. The AFC West is regarded as one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, and this three game stretch belongs to one of the toughest portions of the 49ers schedule.

The 49ers will be defending a record of one of their former players today too. Steve Young is currently tied with Kurt Warner for the most consecutive 300+ yard passing games, with six each. Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon has already recorded five in a row this season, and it will be up to the 49ers to prevent him from reaching this milestone. Incidentally, Joe Montana career best was five in a row.

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