Summer 99 - 07/25/99
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The 49ers have had a very busy summer so far. One of the most intriguing topics stems from reports that Garrison Hearst may never play again. This prompted immediate action from the 9ers to find someone that could start at running back. Already the 49ers have signed Charlie Garner, and they are expected to announce the signing of NFL Europe League's MVP Lawrence Philips. Philips a law troubled back never had the opportunity to reach his potential on field due to off field legal troubles; however after playing a full season in Europe many believe he is ready to return to the NFL. Philips may be able to fill the void left by Hearst. Later reports have indicated there is a chance of Hearst returning for the 12th week of the season.

In other summer news the 49ers did manage to hang on to Charles Haley signing him to what is believed to be a two-year deal. Haley will add much needed depth and veteran play on the defensive line. Bryant Young is recovering extremely well from his injury, and there is a small chance he can be ready for the opener against Jacksonville. The 49ers are also close to signing two rookies, Reggie McGrew, and Anthony Parker. The two are supposed to make an impact this season.

On the offensive side of the ball, the 49ers managed to re-sign Terrell Owens to a seven-year contract. Owens will undoubtedly live up to his contract of 27 million plus incentives. The 49ers also signed QB Steve Stenstrom. Walsh has always been a big backer of Steve Stenstrom, and he will most likely compete with Jeff Garcia for the back up role. Drukenmiller may get a break and stick around as the third string only because waiving him would be brutal on the salary cap. Chuck Levy was also released to allow for some room under the cap.

The 49ers have had a very active pre-season. They are looking to compete heavily next season. It will be tough with the loss of Hearst however they will hopefully make due with Garner or possibly Phillips.
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