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Stubby Declares War
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On a recent ESPN interview Dana Stubblefield was asked an interesting question. The question was if he needed just one sack, in a key situation, what offensive lineman would he not like to see opposite him, and what offensive lineman would he like to see opposite him. Stubby was given the option of choosing any offensive lineman from the entire league.

That Stubblefield chose former 49ers offensive lineman Ray Brown, who was underrated for most of his career, was a little shocking. He also noted that Kevin Gogan would be another player he wouldnt want lined up against him.

The interesting answer was that he chose Derrick Deese, a current 49ers offensive lineman as the player he would want opposite him. Out of the entire NFL, Stubblefield feels that getting a sack on Derrick Deese would be the easiest.

Many fans have long complained about Deese and his starting spot on the offensive line, but never before has a team mate spoke so openly poorly about him. If I were Deese, Id certainly be offended, and if I were Stubblefied, Id be watching out in practice.

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