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Garciaís Has The Arm
November 6 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Since becoming a 49er, Jeff Garcia has been criticized for having a weak arm. Many 49ers fans believed that Garcia simply could not throw the out patters or zip the ball through tight coverage. While Garcia may not have the cannon needed for the 60 yard hail marry pass at the end of a game, or at the end of the half, those passes usually fall incomplete anyway, and the 49ers are rarely in a situation where they need such a pass.

Anyone who was watching the 49ers defeat of the Raiders, in which Jeff Garcia was masterful, knows that he can make any throw needed through the course of a regular NFL game, even the tough ones across the field or across his body.

Throughout the game, Garcia completed 1 passes of 30 yards or more, and 2 passes of 40 or more yards, in these situations the ball was caught down field for the most part in stead of coming through yards after the catch. All of which were thrown on target and in stride. Garcia also over threw Tai Streets deep down the field by about two yards. The long pass was on target, and well thrown, just a little too far.

Garciaís two touchdown passes, thrown to Wilson and Streets were both full of zip too. Itís not just that passes are stretching the field, but even the short passes are a little more up the field than normal, and for the most part hitting the receiver in stride, this makes the potential for big plays much greater.

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