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Another Chance For Streets
October 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Tai Streets is expected to start his second consecutive game for the 49ers this Sunday, and while no one is happy to see JJ Stokes injured, this is really the perfect circumstance for the 49ers to investigate how well their offense can work with a different receiver opposite Terrell Owens.

Itís unfortunate that JJ Stokes have never really lived up to the expectations that the team had of him coming out college, but despite all the mediaís attention, Stokes has been able to become a formidable option in the 49ers offense. His hands are the best on the team, and he, unlike Owens doesnít seem to drop the ball.

The 49ers however, demand big plays from their receivers, and while Stokes has had a few big games in his career, he has never really been able to take some of the defenses attention away from Terrell Owens. Itís always been a hot controversy in 49ers land, as to whether or not Stokes should man the second receiving position on the team.

With JJ out, Tai Streets will finally give the 49ers another look on offense. It will give the team something to consider in terms of how it effects the overall chemistry of the offense. On Monday night, Streets was able to contribute with a few nice catches, and was able to stretch the field a little more than JJ was used. Also, it was interesting to note that a season high, 75% of completed passes were completed to receivers, burying the previous high of 61%. Could the change be a result of a roster change?

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